Compressed Gas System Testing

Technical Safety Services is pleased to offer the medical device, biopharma, and healthcare industries complete testing services for compressed gas and compressed dry air systems. TSS is your solution to ensuring that compressed gas and compressed dry air systems meet the standards and requirements set out by the FDA, USP, and ISO 8573.

Testing services include the following:

  • Airborne viable testing
  • Non-viable particulate counting
  • Dew point measurements
  • Total hydrocarbon testing

In addition to the testing of compressed air delivery systems, TSS also offers routine testing for the following compressed gases:

  • Compressed Argon
  • Compressed Nitrogen
  • Compressed Carbon Dioxide
  • Compressed 5% Carbon Dioxide in Air

TSS offers flexible testing options and additional services based upon your facility needs. Please feel free to contact your regional TSS office for additional information or to schedule a free consultation.

With every service call, TSS offers you

  • responsive service to minimize downtime
  • customized documentation and technical writing services
  • online access to your equipment inventory and certification
  • the assurance of an ISO 9001 certified quality system
Download compressed gas testing information

Download Compressed Gas Testing Information

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