Laboratory and Controlled Environment Certification & Testing Services

When your facility needs testing and certification, look no further than Technical Safety Services. We’re the national experts specializing in controlled environment and laboratory performance testing. We proudly serve clients in the life sciences and healthcare marketplaces.

From our superior support of research institutions, to the premier service we offer the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device industries - TSS is the recognized testing and certification leader. We have you covered when it comes to testing and certifying cleanrooms, controlled environments and mission critical equipment. We’re your one-stop resource for laboratory performance testing and cleanroom certification services.

Why Are Testing and Certification Services Important?

Testing and certification services are essential in the life sciences and healthcare industries because of the impact facilities and systems can have on the finished product and personnel safety. From cleanrooms to biological safety cabinets to compressed air systems, every element inside a laboratory or controlled environment must be trusted to perform as required. Our testing and certification services provide our clients with all the necessary expertise and experience they need to have peace of mind. 

For example, Class II biological safety cabinet testing and certification is critical not only for ensuring personnel protection, but to also ensure product protection and environmental protection. Our services include measuring the inflow and downflow of the airflow system, performing HEPA filter leak testing, testing alarms for proper function and other critical tests to verify the unit functions as designed.  

Choosing TSS to provide your facility with this or any other testing and certification service is crucial for meeting your facilities needs and ensuring the highest-quality results. Without our expert assistance, there’s a significantly higher risk of inspection failures, product defects and potential exposure to hazards. Any one of these can have a seriously negative impact on safety of staff, reputation of the business and profitability of your operations. This is why so many laboratories and cleanroom facilities across numerous industries have turned to us — because they know they can trust our services to deliver the highest levels of confidence and quality expectations. 

With an ISO 9001 certified quality system and nationwide network of skilled technicians, Technical Safety Services is uniquely positioned to ensure your operation remains productive and in compliance with regulatory standards. We want to be your trusted cleanroom and laboratory certification company: reliable, efficient and knowledgeable. We take pride in our ability to help our customers stay on top of their responsibilities so they can be sure they’re providing the best products. 

When you require the highest quality, best service and most dependable support, there is only one call to make. Make us your cleanroom and laboratory certification services provider.

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