Microbiological Environmental Monitoring

Technical Safety Services offers extensive microbiological environmental monitoring (EM) services to assist our clients with their contamination control efforts. Environmental monitoring is crucial for the confirmation — and maintenance — of high-quality environmental conditions. Careful, consistent environmental monitoring in microbiology enables facilities to identify situations that may require correction, ideally before any potential contamination-related issues may emerge.

We support our clients' EM needs by offering flexible, comprehensive monitoring programs that sample room pressurization, temperature, relative humidity and non-viable particulates, as well as assess microbial sources, potential contamination and control problems within their facilities.

Microbiological environmental monitoring services offered:

  • Establishment of action and alert limits with analysis of microbial and particulate trends
  • Incubation and Enumeration for bacterial and fungal growth
  • Genus and Species Identification
    • Gram staining
    • MALDI-TOF Smart Biotyper System
  • Viable surface sampling
  • Non-viable air particulate testing
  • Passive and active viable air sampling
  • Temperature and relative humidity testing and mapping
  • Gowning Qualification
  • Glove Fingertip Testing
  • Media Fill Kits for Aseptic Technique
  • Compressed gas/air system testing

TSS employs a variety of industry-standard collection methods to suit clients’ sampling needs and offers environmental monitoring in a microbiology laboratory setting through methods that conform to ISO, USP and ASTM specifications. Testing is performed using calibrated NIST-traceable sampling equipment and validated microbiological media. All testing and laboratory work performed by TSS undergoes TSS' quality assurance scrutiny to ensure accurate, affordable and timely results. For quality assurance and audit purposes, results are formatted and detailed in a formal report.

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