Histology Equipment Repair & Maintenance Services

For almost 50 years, doctors, clinical pathology labs, hospitals, and others have trusted TSS for service and support of histology/anatomical pathology equipment. No other independent service provider has the coverage, expertise, and service programs as inclusive as TSS. Services for maintenance and repair are available for the following equipment types.

Microtomes IHC Stainers
Cryostats Cassette Printers
Cover Slippers Microscopes
Slide Stainers Tissue Processors
Embedding Stations Grossing Stations

Preventative maintenance services for cryostats and microtomes cover detailed cleaning and lubrication steps designed to restore the unit to as close to its original condition as possible. TSS’ proactive histology equipment services save lab costs and prevent the need to purchase new or used equipment.

TSS’ field technicians are knowledgeable and well-versed on proper slicing, staining, embedding techniques and a variety of other topics. Manufacturers themselves have come to rely on TSS support to augment field staffing issues and cover remote geographies when needed.

Levels of Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance is needed for histology equipment?

Most pieces of histology equipment require regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure the best results. For example, all machinery should be inspected and cleaned after each use to remove any residue that could contaminate the next samples. Certain types of machines, such as cover slippers, also must be stored in areas where they won’t be exposed to improper conditions. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding maintenance to ensure you follow all necessary procedures. 

How often does histology equipment require maintenance?

It’s important to clean lab equipment thoroughly after each use and inspect it for any signs of wear or damage. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and have your machinery serviced by professionals at least once a year if not more frequently according to the owner’s manual. 

Does Technical Safety Services offer repair services for histology equipment?

Yes, our technicians have the experience and expertise needed to provide full repair and maintenance services for a wide range of histology equipment. If you want to know more about everything we have to offer for you in this regard, reach out and talk with one of our representatives today.

For additional information about TSS' Histology Services— and our full suite of services — please call 800-877-7742 or CONTACT the TSS regional office nearest you.

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