Microbiological Laboratory Service

TSS has created two state-of-the-art environmental monitoring laboratories to process viable monitoring samples. With our own Microbiology laboratories on each coast, TSS provides complete control of your sample data from collection through reporting. TSS’ Microlabs will accommodate the growing volume and complexity of TSS microbiology operations and allow for additional investments in the work environment that are key to our growth and planning for microbiological services.

Our microbiology labs provide:

  • ​Incubation and Enumeration Services – incubation and enumeration in compliance with USP <1116>, USP <797>, and other industry standards.
  • Identification Services – all identifications are performed to species level with a MALDI-TOF Smart Biotyper for any samples with growth, an improvement over visual or genus IDs provided by vendors.
  • Self-Serve Sampling kits - Sampling kits in compliance with USP <797> and <1116> sampling requirements to help ensure patient and product safety.  These convenient, cost-effective kits allow you to control testing on your timeline.

We are also excited to bring you an enhanced reporting format created through our proprietary software.

Please review the example of the Microbial Analysis Report (MAR) appropriate to your facility services. A sample of the USP <1116> cleanroom results is available here and a pharmacy USP <797> sample report is available here. The MAR includes:

  • An overview page, allowing you quick access for your most critical sampling concerns.
  • Each incubation period is documented separately, showing CFU counts only if present during the enumeration process.
  • For USP <797> customers, microorganisms will be identified to the species level and noted if it is pathogenic per USP guidelines, with a definition in the report glossary
  • Raw counts and positive hole corrections are shown per sample, as well as a description of media and incubation process used.
  • A diagram of the areas sampled will be integrated with the report.
  • Each report is reviewed and approved by a laboratory manager and a data quality analyst to confirm the highest quality to our customers.

Contact us directly at 1-800-877-7742 or microlabeast@techsafety.com (Maryland location) or microlabwest@techsafety.com (San Diego location) to let us know how we can assist you today.

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