TSS Family of Companies


The TSS Family of Companies delivers a unique combination of infection protection, medical gas and contamination control products and services along with customized solutions for a variety of audiences and environments in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Marketplaces. Together, the industry leading companies – TSS, AL-TAR and Evergreen Medical – are focused on delivering the highest standard of service to help our customers protect their people, processes, properties and patients while complying with dynamic environmental and health care standards and regulations.

For businesses that seek the highest levels of services and customer care, The TSS Family of Companies provides nationwide solutions with the most comprehensive service and equipment portfolio. We emphasize technical competency and personable experiences with every customer. With this approach, our customers feel confident and secure that their Testing, Certification, Calibration, Medical Gas and Environmental Services and Equipment needs are managed and delivered by industry experts.

We exist to help facilities establish and maintain top safety standards for clients and employees in a variety of work environments, as well as to stay in compliance with various regulatory agencies. Our belief is that the future of our business is built on a foundation of unmatched technical expertise and customer care. The TSS Family of Companies has set the standard for Testing, Certification, Medical Gas, Calibration and Environmental Services and Equipment and has become the most trusted partner for delivering the highest level of expertise for your facilities. 

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