Incubator & Environmental Chamber Calibration Services

Incubators and environmental chambers are critical to laboratory workflows. TSS services technicians are ready to provide support for this critical equipment. Services extend well beyond the break-fix approach with a full portfolio of incubator and chamber service offerings

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Calibration protocols ensure that the operating conditions are within specification with NIST-traceable standards for temperature, humidity, CO2, and O2 and every combination in between.

Maintenance protocols follow guidelines for intervals established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and defined steps from manufacturers to keep your precious samples stored in optimal conditions.

Qualification services for your incubators add assurance that data provided gives you worst-case excursions for door-open and power failure tests in addition to temperature mapping within the internal capacity of the entire unit.

TSS also offers full VALIDATION services for your incubators and environmental chambers.

DECONTAMINATION services are also available to either remove undue growth in the chamber or prepare your incubator for a clean start in a new series of studies.

We recognize that downtime is never at the right time, so our team of 400+ nationwide service technicians are also ready to respond to your repair needs…regardless of the make, model, or age of the equipment.

Our ISO 17025 accredited calibrations help meet rapidly changing guidelines, just as we’ve provided for incubators for over 50 years.

Levels of Support

For additional information about TSS' Incubator and Environmental Chamber Services— and our full suite of services — please call 800-877-7742 or CONTACT the TSS regional office nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for environmental chamber calibration?

This is a complex topic because adjustments must be made to accommodate different temperature ranges. This is due to microscopic changes in the instruments depending on temperature that can add uncertainty to the measurements. Generally accepted standard conditions, however, for all calibrations are 68 degrees Fahrenheit with less than 50% humidity. Our experts will be able to help you determine the proper conditions for your equipment. 

How often should environmental chamber calibration be performed?

The accepted rule of thumb throughout the industry is to have environmental calibration services performed at least once a year, preferably once every six months. This ensures your equipment will continue to deliver consistent, reliable performance without succumbing to drift that can skew results.  

How often should CO2 incubators be calibrated?

To prevent faulty readings that can lead to loss of samples, it is recommended that CO2 incubator services be performed at least once a year on your units. 

Why is it important to calibrate CO2 incubators?

CO2 incubator calibration is essential because it ensures the conditions inside will be ideal for your biological samples. Without the proper environment, cell cultures can become compromised, ruining your work and hurting the viability of the results. 

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