Ultrapure Water System

Laboratory environments have higher standards of cleanliness than many other workplaces. The threat of contamination always looms large, so some extraordinary measures are necessary. One of these is the requirement of ultrapure water for specific applications. Ultrapure water meets extremely strict standards for the presence of microorganisms, organic carbon, dissolved solids and dissolved gases. It is cleaner than any water supplied by standard plumbing, so laboratories must depend on ultrapure water purification systems to ensure the highest levels of quality control and lowest risk of contamination.

As a recognized leader in testing and certification for cleanrooms and other controlled environments, Technical Safety Services is also the best resource for water system solutions. We equip lab facilities with technology that makes the water as pure as necessary. Whether you seek pure water systems in a countertop format or a commercial reverse osmosis/ electrodeionization system, we have the expertise and equipment you require.

Our Complete Process

We begin by conducting a full evaluation of the quality of your feed water. We also perform reverse osmosis performance projections to enhance the lifespan of your system. Based on the information gathered, we help select and install the ultrapure water components that best fit the application. Whatever we provide will meet all of your parameters, including volume needs, water quality monitoring and certifications requirements. 

We have the capabilities to assure your water meets or exceeds the required specification. We offer a wide variety of proven purification technologies , including reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, ultrafiltration, real-time total organic carbon & bioburden monitoring , that can be counted on for the best results. 

Not only will we do what it takes to get water purification systems running, but we will also stand behind you every step of the way. We provide full maintenance and help our customers maintain compliance through comprehensive testing services. 

Trust Our Expertise

When it comes to water purity for laboratory processes, you can’t leave anything to chance. That’s why it is crucial to choose a company with the experience and know-how to see you through the necessary steps. Technical Safety Services has the credentials and in-house knowledge base to ensure that your lab meets even the most stringent requirements. To learn more about water purification systems or any of our other laboratory-related services, contact us today.

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