EDI Water System

The importance of having pure water in a laboratory setting cannot be overstated. Even the smallest amount of contamination could lead to serious quality concerns. This is why Technical Safety Services offers comprehensive electrodeionization water treatment solutions for your laboratory.

The EDI water treatment process has been recognized for years as a superior purification system for multiple industries, and Technical Safety Services has the experience and capabilities necessary to implement this technology into your facilities. We can help you every step of the way, from the initial selection of a unit to installation. Plus, we offer full maintenance and compliance assistance.

How Does EDI Purification Work? 

EDI water purification utilizes an electrical current to drive ions through deionization resins and ion-selective membranes that filter out impurities. This process is highly effective at removing ionizable contaminants such as ammonia, boron, silica, residual salts and carbon dioxide. The result is water that meets or exceeds the standards for purity required by many laboratories. 

Because the resins are constantly renewed through the application of electricity, these units can be operated continuously — unlike mixed-bed ionization. In addition, a deionized water system for your laboratory consumes a relatively small amount of power, resulting in lower operating costs when compared to other solutions. Even better, there is no need for the caustic chemicals typically used to refresh a mixed-bed ion exchange system. This could result in fewer maintenance requirements and no generated hazardous waste.

When you choose TSS for an industrial deionized water system for a laboratory, you also gain the benefit of our extensive expertise. Our water deionizers for laboratory environments feature minimal instrumentation for easy operation, as well as a clean, compact design that is ideal for remote locations.

Choose Technical Safety Services

When it comes to the purity of your water, there is no margin for error. You want to be confident that an ultrapure water system supplier is knowledgeable and understands your needs. This is why our customers rely on Technical Safety Services for our deep technical knowledge and years of experience. 

The EDI water systems & services is only one of the many laboratory-related services we count among our offerings. To learn more about our other testing and certification capabilities, GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY. Our representatives are ready to help you get started.

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