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Life sciences facilities have an enormous responsibility to ensure the safest conditions possible. They must keep everything within tight tolerances to provide the public with the cleanest and purest pharmaceuticals and other products. This includes the water used throughout scientific processes. Even with advanced filtration and sterilization procedures in place, the risk of contamination still exists.

That’s why Technical Safety Services provides water quality monitoring instruments and services used to measure the level of total organic carbon in water. With our expertise, facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and production plants can keep a close eye on one of their most precious resources and quickly identify signs of impurity.

What Is Total Organic Carbon?

A TOC water analysis is one of the most reliable tests for determining the presence of potentially hazardous microorganisms in the water supply. A higher concentration of these organisms may be a sign that herbicides or insecticides have contaminated the water. Watching for spikes in this concentration is critical for ensuring the highest standards of purity throughout your processes no matter what they are.

One approach to water analysis measures the carbon content and then subtracts inorganic carbon such as carbon dioxide. Another technique uses high temperatures or chemicals to oxidize the organic compounds found in the sample and then measures the carbon dioxide levels.

Our comprehensive TOC verification services test laboratory water systems to provide peace of mind. We use the most current techniques and offer water quality monitoring equipment from the leading manufacturers. With our experience on your side, expect to reduce risks, improve quality control, maintain compliance and operate more efficiently.

Why Expertise Matters

When it comes to something as important as the purity of the water you use, nothing should be left to chance. Companies and organizations that depend on following the strictest standards of cleanliness and quality turn to Technical Safety Services. We have the knowledge as well as the technology to give you the utmost confidence in your system. Leverage our complete testing and verification know-how to guard against dangerous contaminants that may impact your work.

To learn more about our water analysis capabilities or any of our other laboratory testing and certification services, contact us today. Our representatives will be happy to answer questions.

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