Water System Services

As one of the building blocks of life, water is a crucial component of pharmaceutical production. However, any water used in a laboratory environment must meet rigid standards of quality and purity. This prevents contamination from microorganisms, dissolved solids or dissolved gases. Because impurities can create major problems, water validation and testing is extremely important for life science service companies. Fortunately, Technical Safety Services is here to assist with a full lineup of capabilities to ensure your water system maintenance is always on the right track.

Core Components of Validation

Many processes are available to confirm that a facility is using the purest water possible. We have the in-house competence and capacity to deliver a full spectrum of these methods. TOC verification measures the total amount of carbon present in organic compounds. Bacteria and endotoxin tests are imperative if you are manufacturing pharmaceuticals that will come into direct contact with the bloodstream, as it is necessary to make sure they do not contain anything that could cause an infection. Additional water testing services that TSS performs include bioburden, resistivity & conductivity, pH, and nitrate.

Without this level of testing, the consequences could be dire for your operations. The public places a great amount of trust and confidence in pharmaceutical labs to create products that protect and preserve health and well-being. Any contaminants that find their way into pharmaceuticals can reduce their effectiveness, cause illnesses and damage a company’s reputation. You have the responsibility to guarantee absolutely everything you produce meets the highest standards, and we are proud to help you live up to that expectation. 

Choose the Most Experienced Provider

There can be no margin for error when it comes to water testing and other forms of validation. When researching a company to perform these tests, it is critical to look for experience and a proven track record of success. As a national leader in a wide range of testing, certification and environmental services, Technical Safety Services has all the qualities necessary to drive better results for your company and facilities. We hold a number of accreditations that speak to our expertise and history.

When you choose to work with us, you also receive exceptional service above and beyond the call of duty. We strive to be responsive and courteous in every interaction we have with our clients. To learn more about everything we offer, contact us today.

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