Technical Safety Services, LLC acquires Micro Filtrations, Inc.

Berkeley, CA – September 30, 2021

Technical Safety Services, LLC (TSS) is pleased to announce its latest acquisition of Micro Filtrations, Inc (MFI), an established testing and certification entity located in Sanford, Florida. MFI provides cleanroom testing and certification services to customers across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical sectors.

“Growth is always top of mind, and as we’ve looked to further expand our national footprint along the east coast, we knew that we needed to establish a presence in Florida,” said Brent Hart, CEO of TSS Family of Companies. “New business potential in the state of Florida is tremendous given the density of life sciences and acute care hospital facilities – and we are excited to immerse ourselves completely with a full suite of service offerings.”

For nearly 50 years, TSS has provided unparalleled service to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and academic research institutions throughout North America. While much of TSS’ existing business is derived from core services such as testing, certification, and calibration, niche services inclusive of decommissioning, high-purity water system services, and validation of laboratory and laboratory-related equipment have provided additional value to returning and new customers.

“MFI customers will continue to receive exceptional service – just as they do today,” said Les Miller, President of Micro Filtrations, Inc. “We recognize the marketplace is vast and bringing new, differentiated services to our current customers will set us apart from local competition.”

Technical Safety Services, LLC, along with EOC1 and Evergreen Medical, operate under the TSS Family of Companies banner. Acquisitions such as MFI continue to advance the Family of Companies focused growth strategy through expanding its offering of testing, certification and calibration services to critical equipment and controlled environments crucial to customer operations. Our TSS Family of Companies is dedicated to the highest quality of compliance, safety and risk management for our customers and the people they serve in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Marketplaces.

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