TSS Acquires Triangle Certification

Technical Safety Services, LLC acquires Triangle Certification, LLC

Technical Safety Services, LLC (TSS) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Triangle Certification, LLC, (Triangle) a highly-qualified certified testing and certification firm located in the prestigious Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

"As a respected competitor for years, we knew that Triangle Certification was a solid and reputable organization," said Steve Gonzales, CEO of TSS. "We are thrilled to join forces and are confident that our combined experience in both the service and support for mission critical equipment, containment devices, and controlled environments will allow for a seamless transition for our customers."

For nearly 50 years, TSS has provided unparalleled service to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and academic research institutions throughout North America. While TSS maintains a strong presence along the Pacific coast and Northeast region of the United States, the acquisition of Triangle Certification will expand its growing footprint to the Southeast.

"Our customers can anticipate an easy and beneficial transition," said Paul Falcon, owner of Triangle Certification. "TSS offers extensive services beyond what we at Triangle are capable of today, and we are excited to introduce our customers to a more robust service menu. Our team will be better positioned than ever to ensure your operation remains productive and in compliance with regulatory standards."

Technical Safety Services, LLC, along with EOC1 and Evergreen Medical, operates under the Technical Solutions Holdings, Inc. (TSH) banner. Acquisitions such as Triangle Certification, LLC continue to advance TSH's focused growth strategy through expanding its offering of testing, certification and calibration services to critical equipment and controlled environments crucial to customer operations. As a TSH company, we align companies and continue to broaden our capabilities to better serve our customers.

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