Important Preventative Maintenance For High-purity Water Systems

November 28, 2023

Important Preventative Maintenance For High-purity Water Systems

In lab and cleanroom environments, high-purity water is essential for keeping operations going smoothly. The implication is that your organization must take seriously the importance of having a well-maintained water system.

Let’s address several preventative maintenance measures that organizations must address on a regular basis for an effective manufacturing process in laboratories.

Benefits of Regular Preventative Maintenance

You should know that ongoing preventative maintenance and cleaning is essential for reducing the total cost of ownership of your system. Catching problems while they are still small and relatively less expensive to address can make a big difference for your operating budget.

Chief benefits of maintenance include:

  • Makes sure your high-flow water systems and laboratory benchtop are functioning optimally in all phases of production, which helps to reduce or completely avoid downtime
  • Keeps the equipment functioning for as long as possible, at high efficiency, which is essential for boosting the flow of revenue in your organization
  • Reduces the likelihood of needing expensive repair jobs, further saving on the total cost of ownership of your system

What’s Involved in Preventative Maintenance

Our experts have years of experience in conducting preventative maintenance for high-purity water systems in laboratories.

Chief steps include:

  • Check filters and replace them as needed, per the manufacturer’s recommendations including:
    • pre-treatment
    • ultrafilters
    • polishers.
    • UV lamps.
  • Water system sanitization.

How often you will need to maintain or replace equipment depends on many factors, including water quality and the specific manufacturer recommendations. The experts at Technical Safety Services are familiar with many manufacturers and models and can help you determine the ideal preventative maintenance schedule for your organization.

Technical Safety Services Is the Preferred Source for Professional Preventative Maintenance Services

It’s clear that there are many benefits to arranging regular preventative maintenance for your water system, from keeping equipment functioning optimally, to prolonging the useful service life of your system, and avoiding high repair bills. With ongoing maintenance, you can count on less downtime and higher worker productivity, which, of course, translates to a healthier bottom line while also boosting your reputation in the industry.

The experts at Technical Safety Services provide comprehensive, preventative maintenance services for organizations with cleanrooms and labs using high-purity water systems.

You can count on us for getting your facility ready for test certification. Technical Safety Services is standing by to conduct preventative maintenance on water systems from a range of manufacturers, including MilliporeSigma, Labconco, Aries, and Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification systems.

To learn more about our capabilities and services, please get in touch with us today.

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