High-purity Water Testing – Where, When And How

November 28, 2023

High-purity Water Testing – Where, When And How

Your company’s critical work to support cleanroom or laboratory applications depends on a reliable source of high-purity water. In pristine environments, such as pharmaceutical cleanrooms, you and your colleagues may need information on  testing water quality in a lab. Our  water testing experts are standing by to assist.

The Importance of Water Testing

Keep in mind that the use of high-purity water requires rigorous testing. You can’t work with ordinary tap water, which tends to be filled with contaminants and trace impurities that disqualify it for use in pharmaceutical production.

Companies use purified water to mix and dissolve ingredients and keep the manufacturing equipment pristine, which are essential tasks to maintain consistency and purity in your product line.

Pharmaceutical formulations that do not contain water as an ingredient may still depend on pure water to facilitate reactions. Water impurities can hamper your efforts to synthesize pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, your analysis may be skewed when dissolved minerals or bacteria are present in the water.

Of course, producing drugs involves extensive tests and analysis so your company can verify that products adhere to your safety and efficacy standards through each step of the manufacturing process. Such tests will help manufacturers determine the nature of product side effects or potential contraindications as they refine the drug development process.

Options for Testing: On-site and Off-site

Depending on requirements and regulations or preference, you may opt to do testing on-site or sampling for off-site analysis.

On-site Tests:
On-site testing is the analysis of water contaminants through an in-line connection using calibrated or certified equipment prompting results in real-time.

Off-site Tests:
Off-site testing is the collection of water samples, utilizing the appropriate vessels, to be transported for analysis at a laboratory. A proper container will have no effect on samples during collection or transport. On request, we’ll consult with you on vessel options.

Contact Us About High-Purity Water Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry Today

With so many considerations to keep in mind about using high-purity water and making sure it’s properly tested before use in your pharmaceutical facility, you need expert partners who have a proven track record in the testing industry. To learn more about our approach to high purity water services or consult with our experts about how to test water quality in lab environments, contact Technical Safety Services today.

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